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Miriam teaches weekly studio classes and is available to teach private group lessons, help you host a shimmy party or provide a full workshop for your women's event or special occasion as well. Details are listed below.

Weekly Classes


Wednesday evenings from 8:15 – 9:15 pm

On-going classes

Per class rate is $20.00

Prepay for a full calendar month of classes by the 5th of the month and you pay only $15.00 per class!

Into to Belly Dance Class NOT CURRENTLY IN SESSION

Wednesday evenings from 7:45pm - 8:15pm

Contact Miriam for when the next one is scheduled

Half an hour of the absolute basics. Posture, snake arms, basic shimmy - take a close look at the very foundation of this dance style. Great for students returning after a long break to review basics or for someone considering taking classes to dip a pinky-toe in.

Intermediate Props and Skillz Class NOT CURRENTLY IN SESSION

Wednesday evenings from 7:45pm - 8:15pm

8 week sessions - contact Miriam for scheduling

Half an hour of more advanced topics for students who have already completed at least 4 months of Belly Dance Basics and who show a sufficient grasp of foundation movements. Approval by instructor and ongoing enrollment in Basics class is required to attend.

Class rate is $10.00/class and purchase of props covered in the curriculum may be required.

One on One Sessions with Miriam NOT CURRENTLY IN SESSION

Wednesday evenings from 7:45pm - 8:15pm

Please contact Miriam for availability

Half an hour of one on one time with Miriam can be booked any time the Props & Skillz class is not in session. For students who want to work on certain movements, muscle groups or skill sets. Benefit from undivided attention to both you and the subject matter that you want to focus on. Please contact Miriam for availability.

Session rate is $25.00/session

Workshop Topics

Mini-Class Workshop

This is a great introduction to basics as well as an overview of some of the different types of movements that comprise the art of belly dance. A short warm-up and cool-down are included and in between we examine dance posture, arm positions and movements, basic hip and shoulder shimmy, chest and hip circles as well as some simple foot patterns. Along the way we’ll talk about some of where this dance form comes from. If time allows ‘how to find your glutes and what to do with them’ as well as some other topics may be added.

Belly Dance with Limited Mobility – yes you can!

This is an introductory class designed to show how even with many mobility issues you can enjoy learning many belly dance movements. Knee issues? Lower back problems? Think you’re too large or too old to dance? Not an obstacle for this class! Many of the movements can even be taught sitting down in a chair. We’ll find your glutes and your obliques and look at how to make them do the work. This workshop can be tailored to a group with similar limitations or taught to a more general group with adaptations offered to individuals along the way.

Stretch and Shake Up your Shimmy

Start with a gentle stretching routine designed to help with various shimmies and then we’ll examine different ways to generate a shimmy movement and how those shimmies look different. Be prepared to get your feet, legs, knees, hips, glutes, obliques, traps, lats and core involved – there’s more to this than appears at first glance. It is recommended that participants have some very basic experience as a minimum and more advanced dancers will find the material in this workshop helpful in taking their dance ‘to the next level’.

For more information please contact Miriam at

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